Wooden Puppets

Wooden puppets could either be a souvenir for your friends and families, or a memento for yourself. It is unique in Vietnam because of their water puppetry art.

Where you can go: Look around the areas near the water puppet theatre

Silk & Clothings

Silk and fabric should be one of the things on your shopping list in Hanoi, whether it is raw fabric or ready-made products. If none of the ready-made ones interest you, you could always ask for tailor-made products instead. Tailor-made suits are available here as well, and you can usually get it within 24 hours upon ordering. It is truly an experience that you won’t want to miss!

Where you can go: Hang Gai Street in Old Quarter

Travelling here: 11 minutes by car from Sunway Hotel Hanoi

Tips: If you want to custom make some outfits, you should plan beforehand regarding what you want. Showing them a picture of the outfit that you would like is recommended.


Lacquerware serves many functions, depending on which kind you decide to buy. It could be tableware, furniture, or even ornaments. What is special about this is the traditional art of this product. Vietnam is known for offering lacquerwares that are of good quality, and since it is light, it is an ideal gift for tourists to buy back home.

Where you can go: Hang Trong Street, Hang Hom Street, Hang Manh Street in Old Quarter

Travelling here: 9-12 minutes by car from Sunway Hotel Hanoi


Embroidery is a traditional art where fabrics are decorated with threads or some other materials that are sewn on. This form of art can be incorporated into our outfits, furniture covers, or even decorations.

Where you can go:

  • Hang Gai Street in Old Quarter
  • Dong Xuan market

Travelling here: 11-12 minutes by car from the hotel

Old Propaganda Posters

For those who want something unique as souvenirs or to keep for your own home decorations, these posters are worth considering. It has a vintage vibe to them, making them a great decorative item, and it is a unique item exclusively from Hanoi.

Where you can go: Take a walk around the Old Quarter

Ethnic Minority Product

Vietnam is a country with more than fifty ethnic minority groups and in the northern part of the country, ethnic markets will be held where people will get to buy some of these products that they put out for sale. These include things such as decorative or jewelleries. They are not easily accessible, though, but thankfully, these unique and beautiful products can still be found in Hanoi.

Where to get it: Look around the old quarter

Travelling here: 12 minutes by car from the hotel

Renting a car here would require you to show your passport and international driving license. However some native licenses in common languages might be accepted.

Tip1: There are certain attractions that are located near each other, making it accessible through walking as well. That is, if you are fond of walking instead of getting a car ride.

Tip2: As the traffic in Hanoi might seem chaotic for visitors from other country, it might be best to rent a car with a driver, or rent a cab instead of driving yourself.

Tip3: When crossing the road, you have to learn to be more fearless. When you are ready and there’s enough space for you to start walking, walk at a constant speed across the road and the drivers on the road will adjust their speed accordingly.