Hoan Kiem Lake

The name of the lake translates directly to ‘Lake of the Returned Sword’, and it was inspired from the local legend surrounding it. It is one of the most scenic spots in the city and serves as a focal point for its public life.

Travelling here: 8 minutes by car from Sunway Hotel Hanoi

Address: Hoàn Kiếm Lake, Hoàn Kiếm, Hanoi, Vietnam


Hanoi Opera House

The Hanoi Opera House has an admirable architecture. It was built during the French colonization, hence the European style. Many art performances are held in the Hanoi Opera House and you should catch a show here if you wish to do more than just sightseeing and photo-taking.

Travelling here: 5 minutes by car / 12 minutes walk from Sunway Hotel Hanoi

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Bun Cha

For this famous Vietnamese dish, fatty grilled pork is served with white rice noodle together with some herbs, and a side of dipping sauce.

Where to get it: Look around the Old Quarter

Price: Approximately VND65,000 -VND 90,000


Wooden Puppets

Wooden puppets could either be a souvenir for your friends and families, or a memento for yourself. It is unique in Vietnam because of their water puppetry art.

Where you can go: Look around the areas near the water puppet theatre


Dong Xuan Market

Being the largest covered market in Hanoi, you can pretty much get anything in here. If you are looking to experience the local lifestyle, this is the place to go as it is one of the busiest places in Hanoi in terms of trading.

Travelling here: 12 minutes by car from Sunway Hotel Hanoi

Address: Đồng Xuân, Hoàn Kiếm, Hà Nội, Vietnam

Opening hours: 7.00am – 9.00pm everyday


Renting a car here would require you to show your passport and international driving license. However some native licenses in common languages might be accepted.

Tip1: There are certain attractions that are located near each other, making it accessible by walking as well. That is, if you are fond of walking instead of getting a car ride.

Tip2: As the traffic in Hanoi might seem chaotic for visitors from other countries, it might be best to rent a car with a driver, or rent a cab instead of driving yourself.

Tip3: When crossing the road, you have to learn to be more fearless. When you are ready and there’s enough space for you to start walking, walk at a constant speed across the road and the drivers on the road will adjust their speed accordingly.